Day 20: How to simplify making sense of loads of feedback and finding a way forward

What I was doing was… Reviewing the remaining bits of feedback on my play draft today, looking over notes and listening back to the recording of the conversation. I now have a looooooong list of feedback points and the questions they raise for me and some thoughts about the next step in the process. What helped the general freak out about holding all this stuff was creating some questions I

Day 15: How knowing your story’s central question can guide your next draft

What I was doing was… Getting more dramaturgical feedback on a play I’m writing (from script reading service RoughHewn -playwrights look em up). The conversation has filled my brain with things to consider in how I approach the next draft. I had posed a question about how well this draft is answering what I thought was the central question of the story (and I now realise is probably not the

Day 1: How to not lose the detail of a writing feedback conversation

What I did was… At @Theatre503 today for some dramaturgical feedback on a 1st draft of a play I’m writing (pfft it’s about the 3rd draft, sssh). Had a very helpful conversation, about where it’s at and what needs work. Scrawled some nonsensical looking notes but also recorded our chat on m’phone (useful tip taken from @sarahkosar6 ). Feeling encouraged and glad because I was at my limits of knowing