Day 114: How I need to keep the mojo for authentic living and creating

What I was doing was… Hosting the fourth and final creative session on retreat. And look, we all made books! With some energy restored, good company and food I found myself rediscovering my playful mojo during a movement session where basically leapt and crawled over everything like a child. On the eve of returning home I am feeling a little more restored and knowing that I have to pay attention

Day 113: How to find some big kid energy again

What I was doing was… Part two of the bookmaking sessions today. Showing people how to create hinges for their book covers ahead of binding them together. I was energised and inspired by having had a long walk in the beautiful frost painted Arundel countryside -felt rested enough to spend some energy climbing on things, kicking up leaves, running down hills and up them. Feeling a bit detached and isolated,

Day 112: How to craft lots of books at once!

What I was doing was… Today I hosted a creative session about bookmaking/bookbinding. The group worked with different media to create covers for some kind of book like this one I made earlier. This built on the exercises we did yesterday as some people used those images to cover the book boards -thanks to @martina_si for helping prep the materials for the session! I was happy seeing people getting along