Day 332: How to make your writing project more of a reality

What I was doing was… Writing some more on the novel this evening. Got home from work and just did a quick 15 minutes (250 more words!) before dinner and a Zoom call with the writing group. Beyond just feedback, things like writers group remind me of the importance of regularly and increasingly talking about what it is you are creating -it’s part of beginning to make something live in

Day 330: How to work out what it was you said

What I was doing was… Working today on creating a readable new version of the solo theatre piece I am developing. I took the transcription of me telling the story out loud and spent the day turning that into something coherent. I used Happy Scribe which did a pretty good job converting my mumbles to text, notwithstanding some bizarre strings of words which were only decipherable when I spoke them

Day 329: How to have a zingy writing Sunday

What I was doing was… Decided to do another hour writing this morning. Got halfway through the chapter I’m working on, about 1,400 words, and felt zingy when I packed it in for the day. Firstly because it’s a chapter where I get to put together a bunch of different things the story has been setting up, secondly because I was heading off to see a friend I haven’t seen