Day 162: How to remember to be kind when the inner critic comes back around

What I was doing was… Doing some more gathering of material for the solo show today. Took part in two writing workshops, looking at the idea of safety and about the jewels of insight that come from suffering and write some stuff, including a poem. In the spirit of trying to be less mind-lead it was good to experience some different ways to explore ideas, to listen to instinct and

Day 160: How to help find out if there is a good reason for embarking on a project

What I was doing was… Using some time with fellow writers at the @writershq Brighton Writers Retreat to explore what the could be the central concept for a redrafted version of the novel. In 6 hours I landed on a 200 word description (I mean I did do 1500 words of thinking to get there). Really leaned into thinking about what the central question is I want to answer, what

Day 157: How to help figure out if you’ve got enough Why and How to power your project

What I was doing was… Exploring this evening (while waiting for dinner) what any further work on this novel idea could help with. I brainstormed does 20 minutes around how this work could: answer a burning question, heal, answer a need in the world, bring delight and intrigue, grow my skills. I know that for me to commit to a project I must have a compelling WHY and a meaningful

Day 156: How to help understand if and how that old project is still alive

What I was doing was… Reflecting this morning on reading the zero draft of a novel to see what, if anything, comes next. I wrote 750 words exploring my thoughts and feelings on what I appreciated, felt was alive and what further curiosity and possibility there might be in this work. I have a daily practice of writing morning pages, 750 words about whatever comes up, and needing to focus