Pssssssssssshhhhhhhhaaaoooooooww, info burst…


Son Of Movie Bar is a fun monthly film networking night and meeting of people of that sort of inclination. It is held on the first Tuesday of every month, hence the title of this post. I dare you to find another Tuesday in August 2009 that occurs before the one I’ve mentioned above. Ha! You can’t, can you? I win! Ah, another inexplicably empty pistachio shell-like trophy for my collection of hollow victories. Sigh. Anyway, we digress…

It’s a friendly and relaxed night, featuring a movie quiz (with some excellent prizes to be won) and this month will be screening these short film offerings from some of the creative folk in the south east:

Suddenly Everyone’s A Comedian, A Tell Tale Heart, Damaged Goods, Ting-A-Ling-A-Ling, 31 North 62 East (trailer), as well as a film we made back in the freezedriedham days called Nastasiya.

Most of the filmmakers will be on hand to talk about their work/take questions/explain. It’s a great opportunity to meet new peoples and see some of what is being made locally and it’s all free! So if it sounds to be your cup of soup then make it down to The Cornerstone pub on Elm Grove in Brighton for 8pm this Tuesday.

Hell, if you have a film you might like to show at Son Of Movie Bar or have any other questions and stuff you can get hold of the night’s organiser’s Luther and Terry at [email protected] There’s also a link to the Facebook page under Film Places in the sidebar to your right if you’d like more infomaishun.

Not that far right, that would be the air next to your monitor and I’ve put something else entirely in that space. Not that it’ll ever be found.