It’s a few weeks after the fact, but the third day of shooting on Fleur-de-lis not only went fantastically well but it also marked the longest I have ever spent in a florist (I normally know exactly what I want, you see). Cast and crew convened at the shop early enough to be able to see their breath in the October sunshine. Thanks to a very kind and generous shop owner we had full run of the place, and so spent the next 9 hours rocking through a zillion set ups inside and out. The whole pavlova was kept perky by AD Russ, while DOP Matt set about capturing some awesome footage.

The cast and crew of Fleur-de-lis

All in all it was a fun and productive day which couldn’t have happened without the skill and goodwill of all involved (thank you again everyone). The film now stands at around 50% shot so there is still some way to go. The original schedule has long been forgotten about and is now in fact stuck to the metaphorical wall as something to be laughed at in passing for its childlike naivety. I’m excited to get going again and complete filming just as soon as this project is wrapped up…