7am on a Saturday morning and a guerrilla strike on a drizzle-glazed shopping square for a meet cute between our two leads. This meant more strawberry milk for some and biscuits for others, such are the requirements of the script.

Flower Girl and Trolley Boy

Thankfully the early start and the ‘will it/won’t it/oh it just did’ rain meant the opportunity for us and the general public to disrupt each other was fair minimal. Aside from the people who were playing Sheryl Crow. The music, not collectively portraying her in a theatrical sense. Were that in fact the case I don’t know if their diction would have passed muster. It was less American songstress, more ‘ah wanna be in yaw fiwm’. Needless to say they were on board immediately and became an indelible mark on the entire creative process. Ehem.

Floral waffle aside, we moved on to spend a couple of hours with our actress on the cold wet ground of a charming cemetery; I’ve always wanted to shoot there and it looks great. The shoot ran like clockwork thanks to the skills of DOP Matt, AD Jonny, Sound Recordist Matt and Camera Assistant Simon (check out United Magic Film Studios to get an idea of what these guys are about). We even finished bang on time!

No it looks to be another short wait before completing the remainder of the shoot. I’m anxious to see what the piecemeal shooting schedule is going to mean in terms of continuity and how the thing will cut together, but it’s never easy to predict.

Next time: filming at night!