(Knowing I’m Neglecting My Blog)

It sits there in the corner, too brave to ever cry but somehow that feels even worse. I feel I’ve been bad, and bad many times over. This is only the 2nd time this month I’ve posted on my blog. In weather terms this would be classed as a severe drought, a stark contrast to the rainy seasons of September and December 2009.

So what’s causing it?

Well in the main it’s an area of massively high pressure to get on with other things that’s swooped in. But when that nail-bomb guilt ball of rotten apple flesh in the pit of my tummy-tum starts stinging I have to remind myself that The Blunt Crayon is here mainly as somewhere for me to:

a) Write and make up nonsense.
b) Write about writing.

But if I’m up to my eyeballs in the protracted nonsense of writing scripts and making up other such things it seems disingenious to stop doing that in order to write about it. So I haven’t been. Which is agruably not very helpful to a blog that’s concerned with writing, but it is to me because there don’t seem to be enough days in the week at the moment and something’s got to give, right? Oopsie.


In conclusion I haven’t gone anywhere and I am working away, trying very hard at things. I’m spinning dishwashers full of plates and it’s really bloody dangerous because I’m not even wearing shoes. But I will truck some of the words back here soon, hell it has to rain again sometime.

And I can sleep because I’m really bloody tired by the end of the day.