A workshop exploring the why, how and what of your creativity


Who is it for?

You really want to create something. Whether you write or draw, make theatre or art, shoot photos or film or something else, you have an idea or a feeling that keeps asking to be realised. But you feel stuck. 

Perhaps you can make things happen, but they don’t feel like the things you’d truly love to create. Or maybe you have ideas to the eyeballs, but it seems impossible or you feel constricted in how to make them a reality. Perhaps you’re confused or doubtful. Maybe you’re feeling frustrated, dull or somehow unexpressed. Maybe the way you’re working feels boring or predictable. 

Quite frankly right now you need a bit of bloody inspiration, encouragement and a few new tricks. Time to shake it up.

What is the day about?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have more confidence in what you’re doing? To more authentically express what is yours to make? To see a way forward that feels exciting and full of possibility?

In this fun, collaborative and supportive workshop I will share inspirations and exercises that invite you to open your head, heart and hands to:

Liberate your true wants and deeper intentions

Develop your thinking and principles

Identify small, meaningful onward actions

Rediscover the playfulness of ideas and making things

Expressions of your unique experience and understanding are important. Let’s make the things we love in a meaningful way and share them with the world.