• Like stories, but can’t read books because of a crippling fear of potential paper cuts?
  • Love characters, but can’t watch films because it reminds you of that time you saw a puppy die in a cinema?

Then you should try theatre! It’s like a book that’s being read to you, or a film in proper 3D! (not this Avatar nonsense)

There’s a well tidy production of both Female Transport & Games (by Steve Gooch and James Saunders respectively) playing on the 11th to the 13th of February that you may want to go and see (if you’re local to where it’s on). I’m in it, but if that’s horrifying to you then rest assured I’m not in it that much.

For more venue and tickets details go here. And below is the official gumpf.

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Community Arts Theatre Company Course
in partnership with Day For Night

Female Transport

by Steve Gooch


Originally produced at the Half Moon Festival, this radical, cutting edge drama is EastEnders crossed with The Shawshank Redemption.

Working class women shipped to Australia to meet the desires of male convicts and soldiers in the new world resist and realise that their spirit can never be chained.

With an all-woman soundtrack, from Joni Mitchell to Beyonce and erm, Girls Aloud, the evening contains a special bonus – Games by James Saunders, a short play that allows audience and actors to end all wars forever… just for one day!

‘Day for Night productions are beautifully spare and exceptional… strongly recommended’ Time Out

Tickets: £6.50 (discounts: £5.50)