It’s that time again when I like to walk among the people, listen to their kind words and praise and then offer them my thanks for their continued patronage of this blog. Yes, for the first time since the last time it’s time to reach for the hessian, ransack the fansack, bulging as though it’s holding a howling bundle of terrified kittens on their way to the bottom of the canal, and hear some of the best in The Blunt Crayon’s fan mail.

Angela Delight’s compelling response to I Can’t Satisfy My Husband certainly caught the eye of Clintongonzes, who responded with their own take on a possible solution to the problem at hand:

‘Thats cool. I agree, that was a good post!Dude a friend of mine has been was tring to increase Ejaculation Volume,. He try all natural threaph, they were working, but very slow, so at the end, he try try semen volume pills to increase prodcution, volume and flavour. yes results were great. so my suggestion if u want to Increase Ejaculation Volume’

Production, volume and flavour? Do you think they’re manufacturing yoghurt?

Scimmo hit me back after the apparently hugely popular post The Blunt Journal 04 Nov with:

‘I have often read about this interesting format! I have long wanted to use it instead of raster graphics. In my opinion an excellent option for the site.

It often for the design of the site do not necessarily use the full-color pictures, which is not bad and weigh. But this option could create a completely different design elements, and weigh much less, Another undeniable plus is that for them, and CSS can create. As a result, you can modify the elements themselves, and not to change the picture.

So I would like to know more detail about it. How long is now feasible. Which browsers already supported as a simple files and animation. Just read that Maykrosoftovskom browser with the problem. A fox and Opera is normal work, and about Safari Googley browser does not hear.

Thank you!
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Scimmo, if you’re reading this then call me. Are you living in that Biffa again? My god there are other ways, man. I found your note, thank you. I wish you’d just asked for the money, I wouldn’t have minded, but pawning my TV was really low. What is it? Drugs? Gambling? It’s not maquettes again is it? Jesus Scimmo, being a homeless freelance web designer is hard enough without going on the steal to fund your fantasy scale model obsession. And you can’t afford arcade games; you should be spending that change on Special Brew.

The same post, but hotspot shield picked up on the text’s underlying football metaphor:

‘How much money will a team get if they win the Premiership?’


Perfect Storms prompted dmdmdm to ask:

‘How much money is needed to live without doing work and earn money without effort?’

Um, £40?

In response to My Son Is Sleeping With Our New Neighbour asked:

‘What are some money saving tips that you use?’

Good question and a great opportunity for me to impart some of the wisdom on personal spending I have accumulated over the years. I resolved several years ago that I would no longer view the notes and coins in my pocket as money, but as merely paper and metal. Consequently I have transcended money because I never have any.

Stop the Ride clearly put jessicagid in a humorous mood:

‘This variant does not approach me. Wanna joke?) Have you seen Quasimodo? I have a hunch he’s back!’

I’m sorry, that variant doesn’t approach me jess. I think you should work on your material.

Occasionally a post will touch someone in a way that forces them to re-evaluate their life. So it was for after they read On the Suspension of Misbelief:

‘Thank you for this valuable post. It changed my way’

I’m glad, I saw what your ‘way’ entailed and it was in dire need of reform. You filthy monkey.

Everybody’s someone Else’s Spam inspired this comment from Blunt Crayon fan Debt Settlement Program:

‘Apologize for my bad english, I deliberate on its a gracious drama of your writing. Famously I organize faced alot of difficulties in this form but your article resolution definately escape me in future. Thank You’

It is a wonderful endorsement to hear that my writing has helped people like Debt Settlement Program achieve this level of clarity in their understanding of my drama’s grace. I always said if I could reach just one person I wouldn’t shoot myself  directly in the temple.

They wrote back on this post:

‘complex post. due one unimportant where I contest with it. I am emailing you in detail.’

Even simple ideas can be complicated once passed through the language mangle. Thank you for spamming my post on spam, Debt Settlement Program. I think I’m losing too much time to this shit. piped up on the comments for Hey Batta Batta:

‘If he doesn’t know what he is doing, mutual fund is the way to go. That might be counted as cheating in the class though.’

John Hughes is dead, financial advice is a little after the fact.

Sdanektir cut right to the sexy having read Lady Gaga and the Dawn of the Deaf:

‘I’m in love with you, my Adonis.’

Jesus, it was one night. Let it go.

That’s all until next time!