If you are feeling angry. Hurt. Confused. Frustrated. Belittled. Scared. Mistreated. Righteous. Afraid.

You are the world feeling its own pain.

No one is outside the system. All of us feel and contribute to the problems we experience. We are all expertly placed to be part of a solution.

We are each where healing can happen.

Know that the whole planet there is no one more deserving of compassion than the person reading these words. So make some space to consider what is true right now.

Begin with three tasks. They are tricky.

Feel fully – Experience what is happening without denying or dulling it. It is your truth, be its witness. Good or bad, it will pass so get a good look before it does.

Understand deeply – You are not your feelings or thoughts. Be curious and ask yourself ‘what else?’ Share your understanding to help the understanding of others. Listen to what is true for them. Ask questions.

Act wisely – Every action casts ripples in the pond. We can decide how we behave. Sometimes if we feel uncertain it can help to repeat the first two tasks.

This work is never complete and you will have to multitask.

To help, there are tools available which you can make yourself.

These are assumptions you can apply to you and every other person alive.

Everyone is contributing to what is going on in the world. You may know this as Humility.

Everyone is trying to make sense of the world and their place in it. You may know this as Patience.

Everyone is acting with good intentions with whatever they have to work with. You may know this as Kindness.

Everyone is living in a world that holds what they fear the most. You may know this as Courage.

If someone is lacking any of these tools, be prepared to lend them your own.

You are the world feeling its own pain. This is empathy. To act on empathy is compassion.

Don’t just react. Get to work.