8:20, Starbucks

It’s raining outside and I’m trying to get my head round what needs to be done to get this thing off the ground. The short film Fleur-de-lis will be shooting in two months and there’s an awful lot to think about. More importantly there’s an awful lot to actually do. And that’s the point; I know where I need to get to, but what are the particular actions I need to take now and the coming weeks to get there?

The storyboards need to be finished, that’s important (it’d be good to know what we’re trying to shoot). Casting, I need to write up some casting sheets to give an idea of the kinds of actors we need for the parts. Budget, I have to work out the most efficient way of spending the limited funds available. I need to place ads for the key crew required. A lot to do, a lot to fit in around my day job and other writing commitments.

Thankfully I now have my calendar, onto which are mapped out the next few weeks of pre-production for Fleur-de-lis. The grainy dregs of my coffee are now cold. Tick tock.