Day 306: How to get something done in time to do nothing much at all

What I was doing was… More novel writing today! While it was gloomy outside I had some coffee and write another 1,300 words on the chapter first thing, thinking I’d come back and do some more later. But I felt quite tired so ended up kicking back on the sofa, reading and occasionally strumming the guitar. Feeling good about the project, encouraged by little ideas sparking as I go. Aiming

Day 20: How to simplify making sense of loads of feedback and finding a way forward

What I was doing was… Reviewing the remaining bits of feedback on my play draft today, looking over notes and listening back to the recording of the conversation. I now have a looooooong list of feedback points and the questions they raise for me and some thoughts about the next step in the process. What helped the general freak out about holding all this stuff was creating some questions I

Don’t just react

If you are feeling angry. Hurt. Confused. Frustrated. Belittled. Scared. Mistreated. Righteous. Afraid. You are the world feeling its own pain. No one is outside the system. All of us feel and contribute to the problems we experience. We are all expertly placed to be part of a solution. We are each where healing can happen. Know that the whole planet there is no one more deserving of compassion than