Day 329: How to have a zingy writing Sunday

What I was doing was… Decided to do another hour writing this morning. Got halfway through the chapter I’m working on, about 1,400 words, and felt zingy when I packed it in for the day. Firstly because it’s a chapter where I get to put together a bunch of different things the story has been setting up, secondly because I was heading off to see a friend I haven’t seen

Day 328: How to find hope in the bleakness

What I was doing was… Intending today to have a FULL ON HARDCORE DAY OF WRITING YEAH? Ended up only being a couple of hours, but it was a productive time, 3x 40 minute sprints in which I managed 1,900 words that closed the novel chapter I’m working on. Meant to start earlier, but got distracted watching Bridge of Spies and looking at #savethearts coverage -the precarious state of creative

Day 327: How to eat and avenge your way to writing words

What I was doing was… Relaxed evening writing sprint on this rest day. Wrote for 15 minutes and summoned up another 365 words for the novel. Sometimes I feel like getting my daily creative practice out of the way but today I favoured relaxing first -which meant films and ice cream- then some meditation which cleared the old melon to help the scribbling. Hoping this chapter is as exciting as

Day 325: How to make a scene of a chapter

What I was doing was… Beginning the 15th chapter (chapter 13 -am writing in a weird order) of the new novel draft this morning. Took 15 minutes before heading to work to do my usual translating my plot plan points into a more detailed and inspiring sketch for the chapter. I realise that I view these chapters as scenes, perhaps because of their relatively short length, but mostly because having