Day 189: How paying more attention brings more understanding and possibility

What I was doing was… Bit of the old mediation and writing this morning before work (on a Sunday?? FFS) Had an exciting bunch of ideas linking some thoughts and feelings about my life with a new idea about how something in my zero draft could be used in a different way. Its funny how paying attention to things really makes a difference in developing new ways of seeing them

Day 188: How therapy can help you develop new understanding of what you are making

What I was doing was… On a train, writing a nugget of stuff thinking about the novel (is it a novel? Is this even a good idea? What am I even doing?) Wrote a bunch of bullet points about how I feel about various childhood things -somewhere in between idea exploration and therapy! Probably because it was going to therapy yesterday that gave me some emotional insight -really appreciated that

Day 187: How to sit with self doubt that your personal interest has any creative value

What I was doing was… More exploring the past today, trying to pinpoint the changing stories I’ve had about things (this is a vague description because I don’t feel like I want to share the content of it here). Five minutes quiet and ten minutes writing -creating a list of ‘I’ statements and first person questions that chart my change in perspective from child to now. Been doubting whether this