Day 119: How to learn from people whose work you enjoy

What I was doing was… Today I was recording a conversation with @whathelens for an upcoming episode of the Creative Loving Spirit podcast! We spoke about Helen’s show ‘Helen Highwater’, her spoken word and performance work and it was as funny and interesting as I hoped the conversation would be. I met Helen briefly having enjoyed seeing her perform her show at @newwritingsouth in September and reached out for a

Day 117: How to get to feeling 13% Christmassy

What I was doing was… An hour or two of working publishing the latest podcast episode this morning. Now you can find my conversation with filmmaker @sophia_papaya via the link in my profile. Always more to do but decided to spend the day wandering around town and meet up with chums. Actually feeling about 13% Christmassy now. Might carry on this weekend thing into tomorrow.