Writing without a computer

An open letter to the people who burgled us Dear The People Who Burgled Us I admire the nerve it must have taken for you to enter our building and our flat and then take our property. I am however finding it very difficult to find anything else to praise in your actions. The guitars you took, well the electric one has a jack that does not work and the

Thank you, you lovely season

An open letter to Summer Dear Summer You are playing outside while I sit indoors to write this. I was thinking yesterday how we have had such a lovely time these last few months and, even though you are as warm and bright today as you have ever been this year, I know you will soon be leaving us and I wanted to thank you for your company. We of

I clicked to see J-Law

Man views private pictures of naked lady, feels bad Back when there were only around 100,000 tweets on the subject I clicked through to see the hacked and leaked nude photos of the actress Jennifer Lawrence. My initial twinge of guilt has since been transformed by the pages of commentary into a weary feeling of depression over thoughts of theft, objectification and sexism in the 21st century. It would be

I can’t be bothered to do anything, anymore, ever

Why boredom is your friend My Nana once said, when faced with three listless grandchildren, ‘only boring people get bored’. Mostly she was right. The past few weeks have felt a little listless. I have visited projects like rooms of my house, stood in their doorways and then walked out again. I am standing in the hallway of my brain, staring out of the window and berating myself for being

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Don’t let fear get in the way of what is most important to you Last week I attended a session run by life coach Rachael Stevens about setting career goals and thinking more positively. Our group of actors, writers and theatre makers began by identifying and sharing our ‘rocking chair’ perspective –what would we like to see our lives had been when we were 80 years old and looking back?