Start before you know you’re right

Certain you know where you’re going? Get lost. I admit now that I have a terrible sense of direction. For the better part of my life I considered myself a good navigator because in theory I understood how a little map is supposed to translate into the big world around me. When visiting Barcelona earlier this year I was all over the urban path finding. After all it’s easy, right?

What a Belnord

Nearly three weeks after the fact, I have finally finished writing up my little travel journal from my trip to New York. I’ve posted them retrospectively on the dates they were originally written. Don’t know if that’s bad blogging practice or not (they’re new but they’re old, so how does that work? Mental) but there you go. Oh, and I must take this opportunity to say thanks to Didj, S

Final Kiss of the Good Wife

Our last (half) day in the city, after what feels like a month or two minutes, both at the same time. Time enough for one last round of pancakes for breakfast though. Then a wander through Central park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Third time lucky and we actually made it inside this time. We only had and hour and a half to spend in there before having to

Macy’s and CTU Have The Same Phones

Bit of a late start this morning, owing to the late to bed nonsense of last night. We hopped on the subway at 86th (really close to our hotel. I wish we’d braved the subway earlier, it’s by far the easiest way of getting around. Plus that cab ride we took on Tuesday made me feel carsick with all of its stop-start madness) and rode down to Houston St in

Last Train To Hoboken

We started the day with blueberry pancakes at EJs on Amsterdam, then called in at a pharmacy for a small vat of painkilling drugs to ease the discomfort on m’colleague’s walk-tortured feet. Our plan of visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art was thwarted (for a second time; it was closed on Monday too. Why do museums do that? Museums and fish and chip shops) when we rocked up outside and