The Long Con

The good news is I’ve rumbled myself already. I should be storyboarding. They’re sitting on the table in front of me, the storyboards. Little rectangles filled with pencil people doing the pencil things I’d like them to do. They need to be more inky, more definite. That’s the difficult part and why I’m blogging instead of bringing some motherlovin contrast to those rectangle worlds. It’d require me to be too

Playwright’s Industry Day

Saturday 16th April was New Writing South‘s first industry day for playwrights. Held at the Nightingale Theatre in Brighton (a space I was not as familiar with as I am with the bar below it -The Grand Central does excellent Toulouse sausages FYI), it took the form of a series of talks and panels from theatre professionals. I thought I’d make some notes on the speakers and the major thoughts

Rom Com

I’m not satisfied I increased the conflict between my main two characters. The scene where they argue and go their separate ways is still a bit long. So is the scene in the car between the main character and his sister, who’s just saved his life. Some of the dialogue is still really clunky. And in trying to make a more manageable page count some description has been hacked to

Johnson & Merryweather Go To Hell

JOHNSON is a bearded old man with skin as pale and papery as a bank note. He sits at a desk in a dark hole of a room, surrounded by piles of beans. He writes into ledger. JOHNSON Six million five hundred and twenty-three thousand, seven hundred and seventy-four. The door opens and a bright shaft of light near blinds Johnson. MERRYWEATHER enters. He is similarly coloured and arthritic of

Small Fruits

Between rehearsals and fleeting dollops of sleep I couldn’t resist having a stab at Julie Gray’s One Scene Competition, which I saw mentioned on Danny Stack’s Scriptwriting in the UK blog. Julie runs a great writing blog/script consultation site called Just Effing Entertain Me and regularly runs competitions and stuff, so it’s worth checking back there from time to time. The brief was to write a one page scene incorporating