Macauley Nixes Blog Return ‘anytime soon’

************************************ For immediate release: Blunt Crayon to Remain in Pencil Case Indefinitely? Thursday 29th July 2010, 12:45 GMT Paul is currently on hiatus from the part of himself that writes this blog (please see earlier article). It is unpossibles to say how long this break will last. He would like to assure those reading this that he is fine and working through the chocolate factory utilising every resource he has. He may

Female Transport & Games: 11-13 Feb

Like stories, but can’t read books because of a crippling fear of potential paper cuts? Love characters, but can’t watch films because it reminds you of that time you saw a puppy die in a cinema? Then you should try theatre! It’s like a book that’s being read to you, or a film in proper 3D! (not this Avatar nonsense) There’s a well tidy production of both Female Transport &

Merry Christmas!

I hope you are destined for a place where you will be happy and warm and full of food, surrounded by people who you love but who at the same time won’t annoy you too much. May seasonal obligation be tempered with festive fun, may each gift prise a smile from where joylessness once lay, may each pie be met with a walk. Thank you to everyone who has read

Leaf Books Blog Post Competition

A post from The Blunt Crayon is a runner-up in the Leaf Books Blog Post Competition! ‘Kifli’ was narrowly pipped to the post by Fran Hill’s  ‘Reasons not to Overanalyse Events’ from her blog Being Miss (have a read, Fran is an English teacher and writer and her blog is very funny). You can check out all the showcase entries at the Leaf Books website,posts on all kinds of subjects

My Sentence

Under the rock, under the anthill, under the ant’s hat, under the piece of cake the ant is saving for later under his hat, under the anthill, under the rock is a petite piece of prose I produced pronounced My Sentence. Should you care to visit, it will take you about as long to read as this has and can be found … …here. That’s it really. Unless in the