Exploring ‘What is enough?’

My brilliant friend Tamsin Bishton is holding a simple question: What is enough? She is speaking with a series of different people to explore what this might mean, and I was pleased to be invited to speak with her. What at first seemed a cryptic question gave way to an unexpectedly deep consideration of creativity and purpose, which was a lot of fun. Do check out Tamsin’s podcast, particularly the

Guesting on the Cast Iron Theatre Podcast

I joined Andrew Allen and Michelle Donkin of Brighton’s Cast Iron Theatre as a guest on their podcast. We chatted about writing, Bug Camp winning the New Writing South Best New Play Award at Brighton Fringe 2017, Broken Silence Theatre and a whole bunch of other random stuff. I had a really enjoyable time hanging out with both of them, I hope you enjoy it. Listen via iTunes.    

5 Words on Equal Writes

Equal Writes, Tristan Bates Theatre, Monday evening I was fortunate to have some words I wrote performed at Equal Writes‘ evening of selected scenes, monologues and discussion focusing on women, women’s stories and women in situations we are not presently seeing represented on UK stages. Here are some other words I heard that night: Women There were loads of them there. All sorts. Ones who write plays. Ones who act