Caramel Waffles

Caramel Waffles You are round My house, for tea You don’t know this Not because you’re a snack But because it’s a pretence See I don’t drink tea I drink coffee You don’t know it yet I’m going to eat your faces

Partner’s Redundancy Ruining Our Relationship

_____________________________________ _____________________________________ I have been with my partner for 9 years. We are both divorcees, friends who have grown together over time. A year ago we took the step of moving in together into a lovely house, all made possible by my partner’s well paid job. We were never happier until my partner lost his job. Since then our relationship has been wracked with doubt as we’re struggling financially. My

Film of the Month: Pong

_____________________________________ Pong (12A) 146 mins Clive Owen, Hugh Jackman Dir: BK Sheik The videogame to movie adaptation canon swells a little further this month with the improbable release of a story based on the classic Atari table tennis game. Granted at first glance there seems to be little in that 70s classic that’s as firmly bankable as Lara Croft or even a tetrad, but this aims to be an event

My Son Is Sleeping With Our New Neighbour

_____________________________________ _____________________________________ Ever since we moved into our new house I feel as though we have lost our son. He is a teenager and as such we expected him to grow distant from us, but nothing could have prepared me for what has happened recently. Our new neighbour, a middle-aged divorcee, was friendly from the start. But now I am distraught to find that my teenage son is having an

The Cat in the Pigeons

So I guess you’re wondering about this dumb picture of me. I’ll pretend like I care what anyone thinks and tell you that this half term I went to New York to visit my aunt and uncle. They’re the kind who are real good at appearing conscientious to other adults like my parents. It was torture, instead of actually seeing the sights I was made to stay inside during the