Son Of Movie Bar: Tuesday 4th August

Pssssssssssshhhhhhhhaaaoooooooww, info burst… Son Of Movie Bar is a fun monthly film networking night and meeting of people of that sort of inclination. It is held on the first Tuesday of every month, hence the title of this post. I dare you to find another Tuesday in August 2009 that occurs before the one I’ve mentioned above. Ha! You can’t, can you? I win! Ah, another inexplicably empty pistachio shell-like

Should I Give A F***?

Or when  should one allow profanity to creep onto the page and when should one just watch one’s f**king mouth? When I first sat down to try and write a script, back when the first digit of my age was still 1, I recall my preoccupation with writing good dialogue. I found it difficult (still do). In retrospect I can see that my difficulty in giving characters words to say

Everybody’s Someone Else’s Spam

One of the pleasures I’ve had since starting The Blunt Crayon is to have my thoughts read by people all round the world. It is seriously like having global telepathic probes dipped into my saucey skull ramekin. Some people just get me, it’s scary. Occasionally I will get to hear their feedback, as they post their comments against my humble offerings. Unfortunately I don’t always get a chance to respond