Shorts III

  I am directing a play as part of Pitchy Breath Theatre’s Shorts III, an evening of new writing shorts! ‘Maiden Over’ by Rob Taylor, is set in August 1789 and follows a one woman revolution against the might of the English, male, aristocratic cricketing establishment, which changes the face of the game forever. It will be featured alongside ‘Waiting’ by Wendy Hammond, ‘We’re All Dead’ by Jonathan Edgington and ‘Golden Lads &

5 Words on Equal Writes

Equal Writes, Tristan Bates Theatre, Monday evening I was fortunate to have some words I wrote performed at Equal Writes‘ evening of selected scenes, monologues and discussion focusing on women, women’s stories and women in situations we are not presently seeing represented on UK stages. Here are some other words I heard that night: Women There were loads of them there. All sorts. Ones who write plays. Ones who act

Milk, Flower, Headstone

7am on a Saturday morning and a guerrilla strike on a drizzle-glazed shopping square for a meet cute between our two leads. This meant more strawberry milk for some and biscuits for others, such are the requirements of the script. Thankfully the early start and the ‘will it/won’t it/oh it just did’ rain meant the opportunity for us and the general public to disrupt each other was fair minimal. Aside

Reflecting on The Five Lights

The Five Lights was the last film that freezedriedham made. Unusually at the time we had some money to spend on making a film, but no idea of what to make. We read about an upcoming Halloween film challenge, which seemed like a good thing to go for; at least we’d have a deadline to work to (which could only increase the chances of us actually completing the project). The