Partner’s Redundancy Ruining Our Relationship

_____________________________________ _____________________________________ I have been with my partner for 9 years. We are both divorcees, friends who have grown together over time. A year ago we took the step of moving in together into a lovely house, all made possible by my partner’s well paid job. We were never happier until my partner lost his job. Since then our relationship has been wracked with doubt as we’re struggling financially. My

Everybody’s Still Someone Else’s Spam

It’s that time again when I like to walk among the people, listen to their kind words and praise and then offer them my thanks for their continued patronage of this blog. Yes, for the first time since the last time it’s time to reach for the hessian, ransack the fansack, bulging as though it’s holding a howling bundle of terrified kittens on their way to the bottom of the

Some Hot Air

Sparse times here of late at The Blunt Crayon. Thank you for checking back, finding this and deciding to read it instead of moving onto something new and more interesting. And apologies if I’ve left you bereft of a dope beat to step to. I moved house you see. That was one of the things that kept me away for a while. It’s not the physical moving that’s the problem,

How I Sleep At Night

(Knowing I’m Neglecting My Blog) It sits there in the corner, too brave to ever cry but somehow that feels even worse. I feel I’ve been bad, and bad many times over. This is only the 2nd time this month I’ve posted on my blog. In weather terms this would be classed as a severe drought, a stark contrast to the rainy seasons of September and December 2009. So what’s

Johnson & Merryweather Go To Hell

JOHNSON is a bearded old man with skin as pale and papery as a bank note. He sits at a desk in a dark hole of a room, surrounded by piles of beans. He writes into ledger. JOHNSON Six million five hundred and twenty-three thousand, seven hundred and seventy-four. The door opens and a bright shaft of light near blinds Johnson. MERRYWEATHER enters. He is similarly coloured and arthritic of