The Wrath of Ken

I posted previously about writing radio sketches for an open call for submissions call to the BBC Radio 4 sketch show Recorded for Training Purposes. It was a last minute thing I saw, to write a bunch of sketches based around the theme of communication. I quickly wrote four, chose the better two, made some minor tweaks and sent them in. They were rough, but no great time spent and

The Blunt Journal: 21st Oct ’09

This week I wrote a short story entitled Clean Sheets, a bit of an exercise based on the work of writers our writing class had been looking at. I was quite pleased with it, once I’d figured out the main turning points of the story it came together fairly quickly. I tinkered some, re-reading it until I had no perspective whatsoever. I was going for sparse, minimal description and a

Now On Kittenspoon!

Thanks to the initiative of my chum (thanks buddy) you can now follow me on Twitter: @paul_macauley I’m still getting to grips with it, but it’s fun (if potentially very time consuming…). Hopefully it’ll be running long enough for me to get used to it, before it’s rendered obsolete by newer technology that allows people to fire lists of their favourite colours or whatever via kitten spoon straight into the

What a Belnord

Nearly three weeks after the fact, I have finally finished writing up my little travel journal from my trip to New York. I’ve posted them retrospectively on the dates they were originally written. Don’t know if that’s bad blogging practice or not (they’re new but they’re old, so how does that work? Mental) but there you go. Oh, and I must take this opportunity to say thanks to Didj, S

The Blunt Journal: 14th Oct ’09

Excuse time: I entirely blame my relative position to the sun for my current lack of productivity. I mean, how am I to maintain my morning routine of waking up in the sunshine and being all enthused to start working on things when the sun doesn’t come up until nearly lunchtime at the moment? Seasonal adjustment issues aside, it’s been a quiet week for pages. I think I feel all