Guesting on the Cast Iron Theatre Podcast

I joined Andrew Allen and Michelle Donkin of Brighton’s Cast Iron Theatre as a guest on their podcast. We chatted about writing, Bug Camp winning the New Writing South Best New Play Award at Brighton Fringe 2017, Broken Silence Theatre and a whole bunch of other random stuff. I had a really enjoyable time hanging out with both of them, I hope you enjoy it. Listen via iTunes.    

Don’t just react

If you are feeling angry. Hurt. Confused. Frustrated. Belittled. Scared. Mistreated. Righteous. Afraid. You are the world feeling its own pain. No one is outside the system. All of us feel and contribute to the problems we experience. We are all expertly placed to be part of a solution. We are each where healing can happen. Know that the whole planet there is no one more deserving of compassion than

Crushed at the King’s Head Theatre

The award-winning play by Royal Court Young Writer Tim Cook comes to the King’s Head Theatre after an acclaimed run at Brighton Fringe. When three university students join a student march, they hope to have their voices heard and change the future of the education system in the UK forever. But as the protest intensifies they become lost in a violent storm. Set during the London student protests of 2010,

Writing without a computer

An open letter to the people who burgled us Dear The People Who Burgled Us I admire the nerve it must have taken for you to enter our building and our flat and then take our property. I am however finding it very difficult to find anything else to praise in your actions. The guitars you took, well the electric one has a jack that does not work and the