The Blunt Journal: 09th Dec ’09

When I finished my most recent draft of the short film I’ve been developing I sent it to the BBC Writers Room. The BBC doesn’t develop short films as far as I know, but they accept through Writers Room scripts of a minimum of 10 pages as an example of a writer’s style and ability (though from December 2009 they have stopped accepting short scripts). So I knew it was

The Blunt Journal: 2nd Dec ’09

Two years ago I was writing the treatment for a feature length screenplay. I know this because I have a clear memory of perching on a bench in a shopping centre, typing into a laptop while people around me shopped for Christmas presents. It was a loooooong treatment, too long really but at least it got me to the end of the first draft of the script. A script I

In Response to Mixed Bizness (kinda)

Luther over at Wars of Attrition recently wrote an interesting, and personal, take on his recent brush with the making of short films and the funding available for their creation (post here). As it was described I was unimpressed with the experience he described having with the blogger at Shooting People. It could seem a little disheartening that someone in the position of encouraging new film making is painting such

In the Cold Cold Night

Winter’s decided it’s had enough practice and it’s time for it to step up its game. At the same time me and my housemate are playing chicken with the heating. Last one not dead gets to turn it on. Basically we’re just being cheap and agreed that the best way to avoid paying a massive gas bill is to enter into a pact of mutually assured icey destruction. The thermostat

The Blunt Journal: 25th Nov ’09

I really have got to get better at prioritising. As ever there are several writing projects I have on the go at the moment that demand my attention. In the level headed and well organised times I can leap like a froggy over the backs of all that needs to be done and refocus my attention on whatever needs doing, one thing after another. Then I get tired or I