Day 113: How to find some big kid energy again

What I was doing was… Part two of the bookmaking sessions today. Showing people how to create hinges for their book covers ahead of binding them together. I was energised and inspired by having had a long walk in the beautiful frost painted Arundel countryside -felt rested enough to spend some energy climbing on things, kicking up leaves, running down hills and up them. Feeling a bit detached and isolated,

Day 112: How to craft lots of books at once!

What I was doing was… Today I hosted a creative session about bookmaking/bookbinding. The group worked with different media to create covers for some kind of book like this one I made earlier. This built on the exercises we did yesterday as some people used those images to cover the book boards -thanks to @martina_si for helping prep the materials for the session! I was happy seeing people getting along

Day 111: How to share what’s important about your creativity with others

What I was doing was… Hosting a creative session at the retreat I am on. It involved 13 people drawing and scribbling all over the place. I wanted to make a simple, fun and playful session that would be about experimenting and coming up with ideas without judging things -qualities that I really want to grow in the way I make stuff. I’m feeling the past few days and weeks

Day 110: How to take advantage of some unexpected midnight hours

What I was doing was… Doing a quick 20 minutes of publishing and social media posting for the new episode of the Creative Loving Spirit podcast! All done by 1am! And the reason for this madness is that can’t sleep (I’m still jacked from yesterday’s marathon writing session to finish the latest draft of a play and the ensuing celebration with a single bottle of alcohol free beer) so I