In the Cold Cold Night

Winter’s decided it’s had enough practice and it’s time for it to step up its game. At the same time me and my housemate are playing chicken with the heating. Last one not dead gets to turn it on. Basically we’re just being cheap and agreed that the best way to avoid paying a massive gas bill is to enter into a pact of mutually assured icey destruction. The thermostat

The Blunt Journal: 25th Nov ’09

I really have got to get better at prioritising. As ever there are several writing projects I have on the go at the moment that demand my attention. In the level headed and well organised times I can leap like a froggy over the backs of all that needs to be done and refocus my attention on whatever needs doing, one thing after another. Then I get tired or I

How Much Should I Be Writing?

Or, between creativity and productivity, between sleep and insanity, between now and sometime this century, can anyone tell me if I’m doing enough? Writers are interested in the methods of other writers, particularly when it comes to their productivity. I know I’ve spent a lot of time reading about the way in which my favourite screenwriters/playwrights/authors structure their working. After all they’ve produced something that has jumped clean out of

Writing and Working

While my brain seems to exist in the main to make stuff up and write it down in some way (and sing songs to itself and even less pragmatic things than that), my body often exists in a place necessary to earn money to live. In other words I have a day job. Why does it feel like it’s a big thing to say that here? And why have I,

The Blunt Journal: 18th Nov ’09

I’m in ‘stand back and coolly assess everything’ mode. This can be easily confused with ‘not doing much’ mode, to which it looks very similar. This is just a small pool of calm in the wake of last week’s everything-is-shit! meltdown though, a response to the call for a little more tortoise, a little less hare. But a brightly painted playmobile tortoise, not a depressed Blue Peter captive hibernating kind