Day 122: How to design an audience feedback form for a sharing of your work

What I was doing was… Creating a feedback form for the rehearsed reading of the play on Sunday. Made a one-side sheet with five areas I want to ask people for their reflections on. My intentions are to make it high level, to focus on feeling and thought and comprehension to help me: 1) address any gaps in the information flow of the play 2) identify strengths and weaknesses 3)

Day 121: How to get some help from a Mountie, a detective and a wolf

What I was doing was… Half an hour as the world got lighter creating and scheduling social posts and updating my website for the podcast. Happily I got everything lined up for the next few days, which is good because I won’t have any brain space until Friday now. What helped was bopping along to the theme tune to Due South (about seven repeats), that not so well remembered 90s

Day 120: How to know if you could do with improving your file keeping

What I was doing was… Putting together the penultimate episode of this run of podcasts. Got most of it done, but still need to record the intro/outro and write up the notes. Lost about two hours worth of work erroneously editing an earlier version of the interview -the lesson kids is: maintain good doc filing (file names like ‘ZOOM000007474.WAV are not helpful). Ah well, did what I could and now

Day 119: How to learn from people whose work you enjoy

What I was doing was… Today I was recording a conversation with @whathelens for an upcoming episode of the Creative Loving Spirit podcast! We spoke about Helen’s show ‘Helen Highwater’, her spoken word and performance work and it was as funny and interesting as I hoped the conversation would be. I met Helen briefly having enjoyed seeing her perform her show at @newwritingsouth in September and reached out for a