Day 290: How to get some honey from the mine

What I was doing was… Back down the mine again with the novel. Wrote for 15 minutes and mined 275 words. Was thinking last night about writing being like mining, maybe making tunnels is about sketching out your plan, then comes the day after day of just showing up and chipping away, excavating stuff that will have some use elsewhere in the future. Feeling amused at today’s scribbling, there is

Day 289: How to take the next step without deciding where to tread

What I was doing was… Focusing on the solo show today, intending to give things space and go with whatever arose. Went for a slow wander around the park to clear my mind, then had a really good conversation with @lizifpatch about the concept and story, then… nothing. Actually felt quite tired after such an in-depth chat so wanted to go slow, not feeling like rushing into taking the next