Day 366: How to stop and let go

What I was doing was… Needing to work on something (novel? The play? Some other thing?) and create some big finish for this last day of a year long effort. I struggled all day to come up with the perfect end and eventually I found the extract right thing: I decided to just stop. I have spent one year showing up each day for at least 15 minutes to do

Day 364: How to decide to sack off writing that isn’t working and go for an evening swim instead

What I was doing was… Beginning the next chapter of this draft of the novel, figuring I’d find an hour before the day got too hot to get into it. Just did my bare minimum of 15 minutes, outlining the chapter. Found it difficult to turn the plot outline summary into something especially inspiring so decided to knock it on the head and go for an evening swim instead. Felt

Day 362: How you still can

What I was doing was… Writing writing writing while melting melting melting and aiming to finish a chapter. Wrote 2000 or so more words on the novel draft. Took a little help from the Writers Emergency Pack which spun off an idea about how to externalise what plot wise seemed a very internal scene -quite similar to an issue I had with an earlier chapter (maybe this will make me