Day 126: How to appreciate the hell out of a reading of your play

What I was doing was… Today was the rehearsed reading of the play I’m writing, ‘ellamenapea’! For a small group of friends gathered at @newwritingsouth this brilliant cast performed a reading of the play, after which people were invited to share their feedback -then we went to the pub and it was all very Christmassy. It was back in the summer I thought about a reading as part of the

Day 125: How to just give over to the festive season

What I was doing was… Doing some social posts for the podcast today. Just wrote enough for the next few days rather than the whole week. Because I woke late y’see, couldn’t sleep because I’m all wired at the moment -I think it’s Christmas party season and the play reading tomorrow, makes my tummy fizzy. Anyway it’s good to feel excited and shorter of hair (this is a picture of

Day 124: How your writing thinking can help make the most of a short rehearsal time

What I was doing was… Some podcasting things and second (and last!) rehearsal for Sunday’s reading of the play. We managed to zip through the whole thing and with even just a few hours’ work give it some shape and feeling. The actors were bringing such good instincts for the script and I’m glad I could share some of the character and scene thinking I did while writing to turbo-boost