Day 72: How to enjoy a bit of copying and pasting

What I was doing was… Spent 15 minutes collating my typed up redrafting notes from yesterday into handy scene-by-scene collections. Have scene notes now for 5 of the play’s 8 scenes, which should be much more helpful than having to filter through a play-long list of stuff when I’m trying to write a scene. The thinking work of yesterday meant that this was just a legwork job of copying and

Day 71: How to take advantage of having time to reconnect with your project

What I was doing was… A day of two halves: making scene notes for the next draft of the play in the morning and in the afternoon it was creating promo stuff for the next couple of podcast episodes. Slogged my way through seemingly never-ending pages of my own notes to fill in my little redrafting tracking spreadsheet thing, then filled another spreadsheet with tweets. Totally helped to motivate myself