Day 300: How to aim at a sense of pride

What I was doing was… Aiming to finish writing the latest draft of novel chapter I’m working on. Wrote for a few hours what turned out to be the longest chapter so far, we’ll over the target I set myself. I set an arbitrary target of 2750 words per chapter, just give myself something to aim at -have come to accept that this comes easy or hard depending on the

Day 299: How to find some uplift from the overwhelm and have fun writing

What I was doing was… Writing more novel words for chapter 9 (or 10?) of the new draft of the novel. An enjoyable 15 mins writing 325 words. Didn’t feel like writing all day, hung around in my pyjamas until coaxing myself to outside for a walk and found Brighton and interacting with random people uplifting, and appreciated working on this chapter which is the first proper appearance of a

Day 297: How to be part of a feedback community

What I was doing was… Listening in for some feedback on the latest version of the first chapter of my novel. Had an encouraging and helpful conversation about my work and others. Appreciating that the writing group I am part of has been meeting over Zoom to carry on supporting each other in developing our work. Felt a bit nervous hearing feedback and grateful for insights from people including @rachelshorer

Day 296: How to listen in to conflict

What I was doing was… Starting in on the next chapter of the novel rewrite. Did my usual mapping out of the chapter using the synopsis I wrote previously, reminding myself of the believes and behaviours of the characters and how those could influence their pursuit of their intentions in this scenario and came up with a scenario that will put my main character in conflict with another that I