Paul loves to make things. He creates stories, theatre, film, he hosts a podcast and has published a book. Sometimes he just makes a mess, some noise, or a sandwich. He is an artist who mostly calls himself a writer, director and maker of things.

The world needs art. We need to be entertained, and we need to share what we know -our ideas and our unique experience and understanding of the world.

So find the truth you love most, grow it with meaningful attention and gift that to the world. It’s too important not to enjoy taking seriously. We need what you have.

Paul’s play Bug Camp won the New Writing South Award for Best New Play at Brighton Fringe Festival 2017. His short films have been screened festivals internationally. Check out the things he has made or his writing and directing credits.

He loves people who really show up to make what matters most and he enjoys finding out about how people make things. He runs workshops and coaches people to help people realise their creativity.