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"Bumble and Nitsy were the finest Detectors who ever did just that"

Have you ever felt trapped in a Sunday? Ever caught your pocket on a door handle? Ever regarded the buttons on someone’s coat as edible? Ever thought the sun a lozenge? Felt that roundabouts are the last colonised spaces in the world?

Bumble and Nitsy have, and their boundless awareness and imagination have made them the most renowned Detectors in the world.

Semi-retired after solving the murder of Penelope Loveslice, the Detectors now find themselves drawn into a fresh mystery. A new killing and the apparent reappearance of a powerful enemy place the pair on the trail to find a stolen musical mind control device before reality itself is nobbled.

Brought to life in the words of Paul Macauley and through the illustrations of Phoebe Munson, this is a witty, warm and bonkers trip into a world where everything ordinary and extraordinary alike is as fundamentally connected and wondrous as you know it really is.

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