I write all the words, la la la… (not all of them, just my fair share. Sometimes.)

This is The Blunt Crayon’s 100th post. I know. So in honour of this momentous, er, moment, I’m just going to carry on as usual.

100-ways-to-say-work-in-progressIt’s only a week or so until the play is out of the way (eeek) and I’ll be able to properly get down to the writing thing again! I can already feel my mind being pulled in different directions:

The podcast is going well after this week’s attentions and I’m really excited to get stuck in and move it along so I definitely want to do that.

The short film is midway through a red-inking and is crying out for me to go back and finish the job so it can be born again.

The Cake story is saying ‘you loved me at Christmas, what happened?’ and I need to tell it I still love it just as much as ever.

….plus I was thinking about jotting down an outline for another potential feature film idea thing, maybe enter it into the Euroscript Screen Story Competition at the end of March. It’s a bit pricey, basically you’re just paying for a script report but the one I got back for my previous entry was very helpful.

Oh yeah, today The Guardian hosted an open forum discussion on routes into screenwriting as a career (thanks for the heads up, Didj). It’s worth checking out as there’s some good advice from the assembled panel of writers/agents etc.

I’m going to go and live some more life now so I have something to talk about next time.